Messstation UP WEBVisualization

from the data logger to the Internet -
Visualization & monitoring of your measurement data

For more than 20 years we have been selling data acquisition systems for the measurement of meteorological, soil physical and plant physiological measured values - and experience has shown that there is usually a longer period between data acquisition and data evaluation, which can always lead to problems in data interpretation or even data loss. Moreover, it usually takes a certain amount of time to display the newly read out data graphically and to continue the statistics - this is now over. Our software solution brings your data logger data immediately to the Internet, automatically updates your statistics and ensures a meaningful presentation and reliable data backup.

The UP WEBVisualization is the result of an interaction of different software components:

  • LOGSTAR_FTP is the module that coordinates all tasks
  • LOGSTAR is the data logger communication module - it gets the data from the data logger (directly via RS232/USB or GSM modem) and can calculate the original data with calibration functions (factor, offset or linearisation table) (e.g. conversion of the voltage signal into hPa for the equitensiometer; temperature-compensated global radiation using the Stefan Boltzmann formula).
  • Various statistics modules (TOOLBOX) compress the data into daily, monthly and annual values, e.g. mean/min/maximum values, evaporation, radiation totals, wind class evaluation and much more.
  • LOGSTAR_FTP loads the calculated data on the web server into a mySQL database
  • LOGSTAR_CONFIG is the module for configuring the web graphics and tables (up to 7 channels/graphics, 2 Y-axes, line, symbol and bar graphics, wind rose display)

The entire program complex can either run on one of your PCs or you can use the UP data service and we will take care of the data handling.