From sensor to evaluation with WebVIS

WebVIS guides you from the collection of your data to the evaluation and presentation. UP GmbH cares for the transmission and storage of your measurements and cover the preparation, conversion, evaluation and visualization of the data according to your requirements.

Data acquisition

WebVIS cares for the retrieval and storage of your data. The UP GmbH specialists advise you which data loggers to use to record your data and which modems are suitable for data-transmission. Use mobile radio from 2G to 4G, LoRaWan or Wlan adapted to your location for transmission. The servers of UP GmbH control the data retrieval via HTTP, FTP, TCP or MQTT and provide you with the data in prepared and cleaned form. On request, the conversion of your data into any format or the combination with other data sets can be enabled.


WebVIS offers an online service for the presentation and monitoring of your data. Your data is visualized in graphics and overview tables in personalized dashboards. Set up alarm functions to be informed about critical measured values. Download your data sets, e.g. for archiving or further processing in Excel. Using our API, you can download the recorded data automatically and process them further in your systems.

Individual applications

Integrated in WebVIS, UP GmbH offers specially tailored data analyses in the form of individual apps (e.g. .PROSA app). Some measurements can only be meaningfully evaluated if they are calculated and visualized in a special way. Often informed decisions have to be made at crucial points of the analysis in order to carry out the evaluation in an optimal way. Here, our apps provide you with decisive insights into your data and guide you through complicated evaluation routines.

Take a look at the functionality of the WebVIS on the following sample stations:

UP_CB_1 shows the data of a soil moisture- and soil temperature profile probe together with precipitation data collected by a GP2 data logger. By clicking on "Axes auto scaled" you can see the high resolution course of the measured values and the possibility to display two parameters (soil moisture + precipitation) in one graph.
To station UP_CB_1

The station Wetter_Ibb2 shows comparisons of different air humidity and air temperature sensors. Under "Monthly trend" it is also possible to view the wind sensor evaluation in form of a wind rose. If you test the menu bar, you can see in the "Monthly tables" for the respective month the daily average (if necessary min/max) values per parameter in a table, which you can copy directly by mouse click, or export as csv- or Excel file. Under "Information on the project" you will receive additional information on the sensors used, measuring intervals, locations etc. for each station.
To station Wetter_Ibb2

The following map shows the locations of other measuring stations whose data are publicly accessible: